APRIL Freebie - Tips to overcome the People pleasing cycle

Ever find yourself nodding along when you really want to shake your head? Or agreeing to do something you dread just to avoid disappointing someone? Welcome to the world of people pleasing – a maze of expectations, putting others first, and often, losing sight of ourselves.

People pleasing isn't just a bad habit; it's a constant struggle for many of us. It's about feeling the need to say 'yes' even when our hearts scream 'no.'

The Weight of Yes: Saying 'yes' is painted as a virtue, but when it comes at the expense of our well-being, it becomes a heavy burden. The weight of 'yes' often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin, neglecting our own needs.

The Illusion of Control: People pleasing is often rooted in the belief that saying 'yes' gives us control over external opinions. In reality, it tethers us to the expectations of others, making it a lose-lose situation where our authentic selves take a backseat.

The Fear of Disappointing: One of the driving forces behind people pleasing is the fear of disappointing others. But in the process, we end up disappointing the one person who matters most – ourselves.

Breaking Free: Recognizing the patterns of people pleasing is the first step toward reclaiming our authenticity. It's about understanding that saying 'no' doesn't make us selfish; it makes us self-aware.


People pleasing free poster

As you read this, consider taking the next step in your journey. Download this month's freebie: Tips to overcome the people pleasing cycle poster (or handout!) by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Let it be a daily affirmation that your needs and boundaries matter. Here's to breaking free from the chains of people pleasing and living a life that aligns with your true self.


If you'd love to grab the complete People pleasing quiz that's 11 pages, you can grab by clicking here. You'll be able to download in 2 sizes: letter and A4.

People pleasing quiz

People pleasing quiz

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