[August FREEBIE] Unhelpful Layers of Thinking poster

Have you ever thought that you've done awful at a job interview or school presentation but actually passed with flying colors? You might even think "that's incredible! I did horrible, I was so lucky!". Guess what? That's your mind falling into negative thought patterns which we call cognitive distortions or unhelpful ways of thinking. Cognitive distortions aren't based on fact or reality and can make whatever life circumstances we find ourselves in much more anxiety-provoking and challenging.

We all have negative thoughts from time to time. It's part of the human experience and this happens especially when we're feeling down and/or going through a stressful situation. 

However, if we let our thoughts run rampant too frequently and into negative thought patterns then our mental health will take a hit for the worse.

The good news is that one can learn to identify cognitive distortions so that we can identify when out mind is playing tricks on us. Then, we can choose to reframe and redirect our thoughts so that they have less of a negative impact on our mood and behaviors.

For this month's freebie, I'm sharing this Layers of unhelpful Ways of Thinking to give you an idea of all of these layers that prevents us from thriving. This poster/handout is a ready to print! To grab it, feel in the form at the bottom.

Layers of unhelpful thinking poster

Want more tools?

Check the Cognitive Distortions worksheets if you want to get more in-depth content about Cognitive Distortions / Unhelpful ways of thinking and how to battle them by clicking here or the image below:

Cognitive distortions worksheets



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  • Hannah Sanii

    This looks awesome!

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