[DECEMBER FREEBIE] Christmas Postive Mental Health Planner!

Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a hard time for others. Let's prioritize and remember that mental health is essential during Christmas and every other time of the year! 💗

We usually think about taking care of others, and often forget that taking care of ourselves is as important. Christmas is a time of the year to express and highlight gratitude, but it can also be a testing time mentally, emotionally, physically and financially for many.

This is why for this month's Freebie I'm sharing with you this Christmas Positive Mental Health Planner!

Free Christmas Positive Mental health Planner


If you wish to grab some Christmas inspired Mental Health posters, this set of 6 posters can be a great addition to any space! Each poster is available in 5 different sizes as well, depending on your needs.

Christmas Mental Health set of 6 posters


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