FREE Mental Health 30 day challenge 😱

Raise up your hand if you've ever struggled with setting up an objective and sticking up with it until the end? 🙋 Well let me tell you... you're not alone!

The past two years have certainbly been a roller coaster and, many of us are still navigating through this "new normal". As such, more than ever our mental health is put into test! It's so important to make ourselves accountable, and start with small changes. 

One way (and a very important and helpful one) to do this is by intentionally working on our mental well-being. By taking care of ourselves we can even help others better. 

Remember: all progress IS progress! And the key to all is consistency. Something that has worked really well for me is being consistent into practicting something for a strict amount of time. Let me share with you this free 30 days mental health self-care challenge: you can hold yourself accountable this way for a month and work to improve your mental well-being! Feel free to follow what it says, or even add/modify a bit as to adjust to your personal preferences.

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