FREE Mindfulness Breathing Heart Exercise (perfect for Valentine's!)

Did you know that research shows that practicing mindfulness can improve attention spans for just about anyone, including young children and teens who have ADHD and often times have trouble focusing. 

Mindfulness also helps individuals stay calm under stress, avoid getting too upset, get along better with others, and be more patient. It can even impact learning, help kids and teens become better listeners, and help them feel happier resulting in them developing a positive outlook on life.

Use this FREE Heart Mindfulness breathing exercise as a fun and engaging activity that helps kids improve focus, reduce stress, and develop emotional regulation. Perfect for home or classroom use, and suitable for all ages. This can prove a great tool to help them navigate life's challenges with ease.

And what's best... this hearth themed exercise is perfect for the coming Valentine's day! Grab your FREE printable mindfulness exercise below (in size 8x10", which you can easily print on letter or A4).

Mindfulness breathing heart

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