[NOVEMBER Freebie] 30 days Gratitude challenge

Gratitude is a feeling and expression of being thankful and appreciative of someone of something. I like to define it as the appreciation of the blessings in our lives. These blessings can come in many forms: people, achievements, possessions, experiences, etc. 🙏

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought that for this month's freebie, it'd be a lovely idea to share with you a 30 Days Gratitude Challenge💗 

30 day gratitude challenge

With this challenge I invite you to:

  1. Practice the habit of being grateful
  2. Learn to appreciate the little things in life!

This challenge can be done by anyone so, if you're willing, I invite you to do it when you want to. You can only gain from this.

Some guidelines to keep in mind with this gratitude challenge:

  1. The goal is to do 30 days! However, if you are not able to complete every single day, don't fret. Just do your best!
  2. The most important thing is you do these genuinly. Don't try to fake any feelings.
  3. Feel more than free to journal how you feel every now and then (or even daily!) about how you feel during this challenge.

If you'd love other thanksgiving resources, you can check some activities by clicking on the images below!

gratitude tree activity kit

Kindness leaves activity

Thanksgiving poster set of 8

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  • Seraphina

    Great resource

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