Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome? + Worksheets!

Imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt undeserving, that you are fooling other people, or that you are a fraud? You’re not alone! Studies show that 70% of people will experience at least one episode in their life of imposter syndrome

What is imposter syndrome?

People with imposter syndrome often feel like they are undeserving of any achievements or merits, chronic feelings of inadequacy, incompetence, and fraudulence despite any objective success. It’s hard for them to internalize success and genuinely hold the belief that they’re competent and capable.
The thing is, many experience this syndrome; it can be a successful CEO of a company, or even a freshly graduated college student. Anyone can fall prey to the imposter syndrome phenomenon.

You'll ask me; what causes imposter syndrome? Whilst there is no official diagnosis, most people experience episodes of imposter syndrome in situations where they are faced with stressing or intimidating factors, for example starting a new job or role, whether they’re on a blind date, taking an important exam, or speaking in front of a large crowd.

The imposter syndrome can also present itself more often on those with certain personality traits, for example, someone who is especially a perfectionist. Some theories/research shows that imposter syndrome is rooted in families that value achievement above all else or that it begins when families are characterized by low support and high conflict.

Studies also show that around 25 to 30 percent of high achievers may suffer from imposter syndrome. And around 70 percent of adults may experience impostorism at least once in their lifetime.

I myself can say I am a perfectionist and also quite an overachiever. Although many could say that these are positive attributes, like many things in life, if there's no balance it can actually become a negative thing. 

Imposter syndrome cycle

Imposter Syndrome Worksheets

I'm someone who needs practice to remember things and apply them in a day to day basis. If I can mix both design and mental health then it's a win-win for me! I can work on my mental wellbeing by doing something I enjoy (design). As such, I created this Imposter Syndrome worksheets resource for anyone interested in knowing more about Imposter Syndrome in a more practical way.

These worksheets is filled with information to understand more about the term and includes practical exercises to cope and overcome the vicious cycle. 

Click here to grab the worksheets!

 Imposter Syndrome Worksheets by LightandSaltDesignCo

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