[March FREEBIE] 😌 Mindfulness Breathing, Grounding Technique Poster 🧘

I've commented before about the positive benefits of practicing mindfulness and how it can serve in times of stress, anxiousness and even help with developing patience and focusing. 

For this month's freebie I present to you a fantastic grounding technique, which is often known as the Box Breathing technique. To practice this Box Breathing, follow the next steps (which you can easily follow later on by looking at the graphic):

1. Focus on your breath in order to bring your heart rate back to normal during episodes of anxiety or stress. When practicing box breathing you will focus on breathing in and out intervals and continue the process for as long as you feel necessary. It's advisable for you to use something tangible you can visualize (like the visual diagram) so you can easily follow the steps. 

2. Inhale for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, exhale for five seconds and hold your breath for five seconds. Repeat this breathing pattern as long as necessary. 

3. Note that you might feel dizzy or even light-headed and if so do stop performing the exercise. You can also change the count (for example from five to four or to six). Always do what you feel works best for you.

Grab your FREE Breathing Grouding Technique printable (letter sized) below:

Square breathing grounding technique


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